Low Back Pain: Could Your Kidney Be The Cause?

Your low back pain has returned – a sharp pinch that sticks around for hours. Worse yet, you’re visiting the bathroom more often and it’s painful.  What’s going on? Many might link these symptoms to aging or a back problem. In reality, they usually point to a serious kidney condition that needs treatment. Kidney stones and even kidney infections often mimic the symptoms of benign low back pain. Though they share the same symptom profile, each condition has vastly different implications. (read more...)

Back Pain and Running

Back pain and running seem to go hand in hand for many runners. Whether you’re just starting out or an overzealous veteran, you can find yourself a victim of back pain. Just like with all exercises, running can be an excellent way to lose weight and increase cardiac function. But running needs to be done in a proper way to decrease risk of injury. Back Pain Causes for Runners Over-striding: This can occur when someone takes steps that are simply too big for one’s size. These bigger steps (read more...)

Kinesio Tape: A Sticky Subject

Kinesio Tape: A Sticky Subject A lot of people have been asking me about Kinesio Tape, especially since interest in it spiked during the recent Olympic Games. The world’s best athletes were seen with colorful tape on various parts of their bodies, sometimes in interesting shapes and designs. I’d like to set the record straight and share my experience with it. What is Kinesio Tape? Kinesio Tape is the most prevalent and popular brand of what we call “elastic therapeutic tape.” With a (read more...)

Reducing Back Pain During Pregnancy

Reducing Back Pain During Pregnancy As if mood swings and nausea weren’t enough, pregnant women often have to deal with back pain in addition to the laundry list of pregnancy-related wellness problems. The bouncing baby boy or girl you end up with may make the misery worth the trouble, but that’s a small condolence when you’re back is aching for the tenth day in a row. Though not all pregnancy problems can be made to disappear, there are ways to mitigate many of them. This is especially (read more...)

How To Know When To See A Chiropractor

Knowing when to see a chiropractor depends on recognizing which symptoms may be related to spinal injuries or misalignment. As all the nerves in the body travel along the spinal column, pain in any region of the body can often be traced to a pinched nerve. Here are nine signs that I look for before recommending that someone see a chiropractor. Headaches Caused by a pinched nerve or blood vessel in the neck, cervicogenic headaches occur when the cervical vertebra at the top of the spine, which (read more...)