Cat/Cow Sequence

No matter what your activity level is on a daily basis, we all need to stretch and move our spine.  Both extension (back bending) and flexion (forward folding) have benefits. Back bending decompresses the inner side/front of the vertebrae and can lessen the pressure on vertebral discs.  Forward folding decompresses the back/outside of the vertebrae and compresses and massages the internal organs. Back bending can feel energizing and tends to build internal heat, while forward folding does the opposite (read more...)

Pinched Nerve Pinching You? Learn Symptoms and Treatment Options

Recent years have seen pain in the hands and fingers, as well as shooting pains down the arm, increasingly associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s true that the condition – often a side effect of long-term desk jobs – is in fact a top cause of those symptoms. But spinal problems are another surprising and often overlooked cause, particularly pinched nerves. Cervical radiculopathy is a condition that occurs when nerves in the neck are compressed or “pinched” and typically originates (read more...)

Understanding Proper Back Brace Use

Back brace use has become so common in modern society that these devices barely get a second glance. Just think of how many support belts and devices you see in the average gym! Other times we may spot someone wearing one while doing yard work or even running errands.  It’s a big shift from the days when back brace use may have involved a cumbersome full-body contraption. Now, thanks to smaller and more readily available devices, they’ve become ubiquitous – not necessarily a good thing (read more...)