Finding the Right Chair to Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is something that countless people have to live with every day. According to the American Chiropractic Association, eight out of ten people will experience it at some point during their lives. In some cases, back pain is caused by serious illnesses and conditions, but most of the time; it's triggered by: Lack of activity Diet or weight issues Lack of stretching before strenuous activity Improper lifting techniques Bad posture Bad posture is one of the leading causes of back (read more...)

Back Pain: Can Massage Help?

Back pain is a common condition. It can interfere with many ordinary activities, and people routinely use pain medication, hydrotherapy and heat packs for relief. Massage is another option, but its effectiveness is still being debated in the field of medicine. Although most people report that massage brings relief, and some doctors still recommend this to back pain patients, getting this covered by insurance can be tricky. Types of Massage There are many styles of massage therapy, and they are (read more...)

What is Cervical Radiculopathy?

Diagnosing a spine-related health problem can be tricky. An injury to your ankle typically results in proximate side effects. This includes pain, swelling, and throbbing in and around the area of the injury. The same isn’t always true for a spine problem; damage around your vertebrae may show up in a completely different area of your body. Cervical radiculopathy is an example of this phenomenon.  This is a spine condition where spine damage manifests as sensations in your extremities. (read more...)

Should I Work Out With Lower Back Pain?

Exercise provides a variety of benefits for both physical and emotional health. However, if you've been experiencing pain and want to work out, it’s natural to wonder if doing so would only worsen the condition.  The good news is that you can actually do particular exercises that can help ease lower back pain. There is no need to stop working out when back pain is causing a problem, but it is important to choose exercises that can lessen the problem instead of worsen it. Exercising to Ease (read more...)