The Benefits of Psychological Treatment for Chronic Back Pain

Photo Credit: This guest post features Dr. Tali Shenfield, Clinical Psychologist Recent research has demonstrated that there is more to pain relief than masking pain with medication. The treatment of pain by psychological means is a promising new field of research. Although that research is still in its infancy and research samples are small, there is enough evidence to show that the psychological treatment of pain is not only possible; it is very effective under (read more...)

Supported Yoga Poses

One of the best ways to change your approach to a yoga pose or your practice in general is to add yoga props. Props range from blocks to straps and bolsters with many other options.  Yoga props can provide support for compromised parts of your body (i.e. the neck or back) and can make yoga poses available which were previously inaccessible due to structural aspects of the yoga practitioner’s body. In this post, the first of a series, we will be showing you traditional yoga poses done in a more (read more...)