Tips for Strengthening your Back

Try standing for eight or nine hours behind a counter or underneath a car on a lift. If the back muscles are strong, you can stand for ten hours without back pain. If, however, the back muscles are not worked out, back pain in addition to fatigue will affect the entire body. Since the back muscles are part of the core muscle group, they hold the body erect in addition to lending help when bending and lifting. Back strengthening exercises are key to whole body health. One facet of back strength (read more...)

Massage Therapy options for Chornic Back Pain Sufferers

Chronic back pain can dampen your spirits because it makes even the simplest things impossible to do. If you have an achy back, forget about doing things like playing with your kids, swinging a golf club, tying your shoes or even going to the bathroom by yourself. If you have chronic back pain, do not live your life in agony, consider using massage therapy to treat it. Common Causes of Back Pain There are a lot of things that can cause an achy back. Some of the most common include: Sciatica Muscle (read more...)