About Dr. Richard Speizer

Dr. Richard Speizer, D.C., C.C.S.P is a chiropractor and owner of Speizer Chiropractic in Atlanta. He specializes in muscular skeletal problems, including lower back pain, headaches, and neck pain. Dr. Speizer also works with personal injury cases. He has been practicing for nineteen years, and he was listed in the Consumers Book for Top Chiropractors in America 2004.

A Few Tips on Choosing a Mattress with Back Pain in mind

There are numerous mattress options on the market. When a person suffers from back pain, it may be due to the bed that is slept on each night. Uncovering the best mattress to alleviate back pain will be extremely beneficial. When a person is in pain, it becomes difficult to sleep. When a person loses sleep, it will affect the entire day ahead. Here is a look at how to choose the best mattress to suit individual back pain problems. How Firm Should A Mattress Be? Many people believe that the best (read more...)

Treating Sciatica: A Chiropractor’s Take

Under Pressure: Dealing with Sciatica from Compressed Nerves One of the most common afflictions that we encounter at the office is sciatica. Sciatica is a collection of symptoms, usually including acute pain that is linked to the stress of the lower spinal nerve roots. Most sciatica patients describe burning or shooting pain down the back of the upper leg, or a dull but persistent ache in the same place. The pain is usually a result of the lowest lumbar nerve (the “L5,” we call it) being (read more...)