The West Wing’s Michael Hastings on Fibromyalgia Part II

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Michael Hastings, a former West Wing actor. Michael suffers from fibromyalgia, and was kind enough to share some of his experiences and stories with us. This is second part of a three-part series. Q: How did you get into acting? How have you dealt with fibromyalgia while on set? A: I was a school teacher for approximately 10 years and had to go on early retirement at age 35 because of FM. I actually had taken a pharmaceutical drug which accelerated (read more...)

The West Wing’s Michael Hastings on Fibromyalgia Part I

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Michael Hastings, a former West Wing actor. Michael suffers from fibromyalgia, and was kind enough to share some of his experiences and stories with us. This is the first part of a three-part series. Q: Fibromyalgia isn’t as common in men. Can you talk about your experience with being diagnosed? A: I was first diagnosed with fibro back in the mid-90s by a Naturopathic Doctor. I had been to 20 medical doctors and they had no idea what was going (read more...)

What is Cervical Radiculopathy?

Diagnosing a spine-related health problem can be tricky. An injury to your ankle typically results in proximate side effects. This includes pain, swelling, and throbbing in and around the area of the injury. The same isn’t always true for a spine problem; damage around your vertebrae may show up in a completely different area of your body. Cervical radiculopathy is an example of this phenomenon.  This is a spine condition where spine damage manifests as sensations in your extremities. (read more...)

Pinched Nerve Pinching You? Learn Symptoms and Treatment Options

Recent years have seen pain in the hands and fingers, as well as shooting pains down the arm, increasingly associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s true that the condition – often a side effect of long-term desk jobs – is in fact a top cause of those symptoms. But spinal problems are another surprising and often overlooked cause, particularly pinched nerves. Cervical radiculopathy is a condition that occurs when nerves in the neck are compressed or “pinched” and typically originates (read more...)

Upper Crossed Syndrome and Upper Back Pain Relief

Between iPads, smart phones, e-readers and all of the many technological toys that have risen in popularity in recent years, there are more ways than ever to entertain oneself. Unfortunately, it also means a significant increase in ways to injure your neck and upper back through repeatedly looking down. This repetitive motion can contribute to a condition called “Upper Crossed Syndrome,” and as consumer technology advances, chiropractors are bracing for more adults and teens with upper crossed (read more...)

Lower Crossed Syndrome: The Office Worker’s Worst Enemy

If you’ve ever suspected that sitting at your desk all day was contributing to back pain, you’re definitely on to something. The condition is called “Lower Crossed Syndrome” or “Crossed Pelvic Syndrome.” Simply put, it’s a pelvic tilting that often occurs in office workers. The condition, resulting largely from a combination of tight muscles and weak core strength, can cause low back pain and in some cases, even spine and pelvic degeneration. The good news is that this is a fairly (read more...)

Can Inversion Therapy Soothe Your Back Pain?

Most back pain patients aren’t head over heels about their condition: Agonizing pain that intensifies with each movement can be completely debilitating, especially when the problem involves a herniated disc. But what if getting “head over heels” – literally – could actually provide some relief? Inversion therapy – physically flipping a patient upside down – is said to work by taking gravitational pressure off the nerve roots and discs in a patient’s spine. It’s a less orthodox (read more...)

Reducing Back Pain During Pregnancy

Reducing Back Pain During Pregnancy As if mood swings and nausea weren’t enough, pregnant women often have to deal with back pain in addition to the laundry list of pregnancy-related wellness problems. The bouncing baby boy or girl you end up with may make the misery worth the trouble, but that’s a small condolence when you’re back is aching for the tenth day in a row. Though not all pregnancy problems can be made to disappear, there are ways to mitigate many of them. This is especially (read more...)

Telltale Signs of a Disc Herniation

Telltale Signs of a Disc Herniation A lot of back pain is the result of spinal disk herniations. The spinal disks sit between your vertebrae and act as elastic cushions for your backbone. Sometimes an injury from impact or overexertion causes the disks to rupture or get knocked out of place, jabbing into nerve bundles and back muscles. This is especially common among older patients. Over time the disks become stiffer and tougher. This means that they’re more likely to break than bend, and you (read more...)

Treating Sciatica: A Chiropractor’s Take

Under Pressure: Dealing with Sciatica from Compressed Nerves One of the most common afflictions that we encounter at the office is sciatica. Sciatica is a collection of symptoms, usually including acute pain that is linked to the stress of the lower spinal nerve roots. Most sciatica patients describe burning or shooting pain down the back of the upper leg, or a dull but persistent ache in the same place. The pain is usually a result of the lowest lumbar nerve (the “L5,” we call it) being (read more...)