Reducing Back Pain During Pregnancy

Reducing Back Pain During Pregnancy

As if mood swings and nausea weren’t enough, pregnant women often have to deal with back pain in addition to the laundry list of pregnancy-related wellness problems. The bouncing baby boy or girl you end up with may make the misery worth the trouble, but that’s a small condolence when you’re back is aching for the tenth day in a row.

Though not all pregnancy problems can be made to disappear, there are ways to mitigate many of them. This is especially true for back pain. As your baby grows, it will shift your center of gravity forward. This places increased stress on your lower back muscles, which aren’t adapted to bearing the extra weight day in and day out.

Additionally, your increased hormone levels stiffen the ligaments of your spine and pelvis, decreasing the flexibility and support they provide. While this allows more protection for the birth process, it contributes to increased pain and slower recovery times.

Avoiding Back Pain

Taking these steps can help you avoid or reduce pregnancy-related back pain:

  1. Avoid bending at the waist, in a way that causes you to lift with your back muscles. If you need to reach low, bend your knees.
  2. Avoid twisting motions, especially abrupt ones. Your extra weight up front increases twisting inertia and increases tension in your spinal discs.
  3. Don’t wear high heeled shoes. I know it’s tempting to always want to look your best, but these uncomfortable shoes become even worse if you’re carrying a growing baby around.
  4. Don’t do any heavy lifting. Get someone to help you with moving heavy objects. You’re already overburdened as it is; don’t make it any worse!

Back Pain Remedies

No matter how hard you try, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll experience at least some back pain and one point during your pregnancy. In that case, there are a few easy ways you can reduce it:

  1. Remain active. Walking or light swimming are easy ways to exercise while pregnant. These are low-impact activities that can strengthen and relieve lower back muscles. Swimming is especially effective since the water supports your weight.
  2. Take frequent breaks. The extra weight gain during pregnancy puts a lot of stress on the low back.  Laying or sitting down for at least 15 minutes every hour will help the low back muscles to rest.
  3. Apply heat. Heat packs in the low back may temporarily relieve muscle tension and improve circulation
  4. Get professional help. A massage therapist or general chiropractor should be familiar with pregnancy related back pain. They’ll be able to help you out with physical therapy and prescriptions.

Having back pain while pregnant is a common malady, but if you follow this advice it will be the least of your worries! Check out our website for more information on back pain relief!

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