Rolling the Pain Away With Foam Rollers


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If you’ve ever had a massage, then I don’t need to tell you how nice they are. They relieve tension, sooth soreness, loosen tight muscles, and reduce back pain.
However, as beneficial as massages are, they’re not always practical. They can be expensive and time consuming, and finding time to hit the spa or doctor’s office can be difficult. But fear not,  a device called a foam roller can replicate the effects of a massage at your convenience.

Myofascial Release

Typically, muscle pain and soreness are caused by the constriction of fascia; the tissue that connects and protects your muscles. Constriction can be caused by many things: underuse, overuse, injury, sickness, and more. Massage relaxes and stimulates fascia in what is known as myofascial release. This allows it to loosen and increases the flow of blood and other fluids around your muscles.

Foam rollers achieve myofascial release much in the same way massage does. At their most basic, the devices are large cylinders of thick, firm foam. Instead of the pressure of a masseuse’s hands, body weight and the cylinder come together to apply a relaxing pressure to the afflicted area. Foam rollers can be found at many athletic and medical supply stores. A quick search online will provide many more suppliers.

Using a Foam Roller for Back Pain

  1. Place the roller on its side on the floor of an open area. Sit down on the floor with your back against it.
  2. Gently lean back so that your back is supported by the foam roller, and your hips are slightly raised.
  3. Adjust the roller so that it applies gentle pressure to the pain-afflicted area by rolling back and forth into position.
  4. Move your body back and forth over the roller, applying pressure with your body weight as you see fit.

Before treating back pain, or any other muscle pain, with a foam roller, always consult a doctor or physical therapist first. If you have more questions about back pain related issues please feel free to visit our website at!


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