Should I Work Out With Lower Back Pain?

Exercise provides a variety of benefits for both physical and emotional health. However, if you’ve been experiencing pain and want to work out, it’s natural to wonder if doing so would only worsen the condition.  The good news is that you can actually do particular exercises that can help ease lower back pain. There is no need to stop working out when back pain is causing a problem, but it is important to choose exercises that can lessen the problem instead of worsen it.

Exercising to Ease Back Pain

"should i work out with lower back pain"Running is one activity that often exasperates back pain, especially if you don’t know how to maintain proper form while running. Not to be dismayed, medical professionals have found that exercises including yoga, Pilates and water aerobics can all decrease stiffness and pain in the lower back.

The low impact of a workout on an elliptical machine can also help with back pain. An intense workout can be enjoyed without fear of making an issue worse.

Exercises to Avoid When Experiencing Lower Back Pain

Exercises that are high-impact should generally be avoided when a person is experiencing lower back pain. Anything that stretches the back in a way that could make an injury worse should also be avoided.

Examples of exercises that should not be performed by a person who is experiencing lower back pain include:
Toe touches that stretch the ligaments in the spine and put pressure on discs in the spine.

  • Sit ups that put pressure on discs in the spine because most people do not use the correct form when completing this exercise. People who have the help of a professional trainer may be able to do sit-ups.
  • Leg lifts that require a person to put both of their legs in the air at the same time. This exercise can put pressure on the lower back.
  • Any aerobic exercise that requires quick twisting movements in the torso.

Before taking on an exercise regimen, low-key or high-impact, you should always discuss your plans with your medical provider. Staying sedentary can contribute to stiffness, so it is important to get moving on a regular basis.

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