Can Inversion Therapy Soothe Your Back Pain?

Most back pain patients aren’t head over heels about their condition: Agonizing pain that intensifies with each movement can be completely debilitating, especially when the problem involves a herniated disc. But what if getting “head over heels” – literally – could actually provide some relief? Inversion therapy – physically flipping a patient upside down – is said to work by taking gravitational pressure off the nerve roots and discs in a patient’s spine. It’s a less orthodox (read more...)

Telltale Signs of a Disc Herniation

Telltale Signs of a Disc Herniation A lot of back pain is the result of spinal disk herniations. The spinal disks sit between your vertebrae and act as elastic cushions for your backbone. Sometimes an injury from impact or overexertion causes the disks to rupture or get knocked out of place, jabbing into nerve bundles and back muscles. This is especially common among older patients. Over time the disks become stiffer and tougher. This means that they’re more likely to break than bend, and you (read more...)