Prolonged Back Pain? Your Feet May Be The Cause

With the majority of adults experiencing spinal discomfort at some point, it probably comes as no surprise that many of us are investing in things to bring back pain relief. Custom pillows, elaborate mattresses - just about anything is fair game when back pain has you down. But have you ever considered you might be standing on the cause of your back pain? It's true - improper foot postures can create a domino effect that ends in back problems. Walking the wrong way can, over time, lead to conditions (read more...)

Back Pain and Running

Back pain and running seem to go hand in hand for many runners. Whether you’re just starting out or an overzealous veteran, you can find yourself a victim of back pain. Just like with all exercises, running can be an excellent way to lose weight and increase cardiac function. But running needs to be done in a proper way to decrease risk of injury. Back Pain Causes for Runners Over-striding: This can occur when someone takes steps that are simply too big for one’s size. These bigger steps (read more...)