The West Wing’s Michael Hastings on Fibromyalgia Part III

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Michael Hastings, a former West Wing actor. Michael suffers from fibromyalgia, and was kind enough to share some of his experiences and stories with us. This is third part of a three-part series.

Q: What can you tell us about your FM DVD?

A: Much of the material for my first film will be from my website ( and it will be basic practical things that will help fibro folk in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Supplements and recipes will be discussed along with recent research. It will also have some fun, humorous elements to lighten up the film as well. There will be practical and thought provoking issues, along with “power thoughts” from Hollywood Celebrity Tom Dreesen. ( There will be about 30 minutes of bonus material with Tom at the end of the fibro film. My second film will build upon the first film, along with sharing research which I retrieve from the academic databases.

Q: What research is being done on FM?

A: There is a lot of research being done on chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia today. The big buzz in research in this past decade was Ribose. Research showed that if people took 15 grams of Ribose for a two week period, a high percentage would see an increase in muscle function and energy. Dr. Steven Sinatra, the famed cardiologist, agreed with the study and emphasized combining the large dosages of Ribose with large dosages of C0Q10 and L-Carnatine, to boost the energy pool in the body.

Dr. Steven Sinatra believed that part of the problem with FM patients is that there is not enough energy in the body to push the calcium out of the cells. Calcium is one of the most abundant nutrients in the cells, and if it is trapped in the cells, it will keep the muscles contracted and stiff. If we raise the energy pool in the body, the body will be able to push the calcium out of the cells and thus release a large percent of the FM symptoms. I have a woman who has been on this protocol and she will be sharing in my film on how this has helped her.

Q: What’s the long-term prognosis for people living with FM?

A: Technology is exploding and so is the science of nanotechnology. The breakthroughs are going to be amazing over the next 10 – 20 years, so there is a lot to look forward to. In the 90s there was nothing, but today there are studies being done all over the world. It’s a very exciting time for FMers, and it’s very possible and very likely our health will be better 5 and 10 years from now…so hang in there !

My health was horrible in the 1990s. All my friends thought I would die before 2000. In fact one of my neighbors used to call me “Lazarus” (The man Jesus resurrected from the dead), because he couldn’t believe I was still alive during the late 1990s. Well, today I’m still alive and my health is much, much better than it was in the 1990s. But it’s important for FMers to realize that I just didn’t “get lucky”. I choose to be proactive. I asked a lot of questions. I went online and went to websites and interacted with many bloggers from all over the country and world. I finally decided to try and get Hollywood involved, and it worked. I decided to do my own research, so I took classes on how to do academic research.

I could have lain in bed at home in Michigan in the 1990s, and just wished someone would do something. But I realized I had to make decisions, so I prayed, packed my bags and headed to Los Angeles in expectation that God was going to help me do something about FM in a town filled with money, media, and medical doctors. Ten years later, I am astounded at everything that has happened, and am glad that I can share practical things that can help people with FM.

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